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I'm currently a Constuction Artist for Travellers Tales LTD. www.t-tales.com

I've been creating my own games for about 10 years now - starting out in 2001 using GameMaker and since then have worked my way through numerous engines: Hammer Editor(Source), Unreal Engine 2, Unreal Engine 3, TESConstructionSet, CryEngine 2(Sandbox) & UDK.

I've always found it really enjoyable building a level in a game engine, placing objects where they need to be and doing simple scripting (especially with Kismet in UDK)! I always say that when you buy a game you're really buying the experience of playing it, and I like to think that in creating games you're making those experiences for people.

I'm an environment and prop artist, able to create both hand painted stylized textures and next gen realistic textures in photoshop. Low poly models and High poly models, using hand retopology, to specified polygon budgets and optimizations.

I'm a friendly person and can always be approached - I'm all too happy to help people out! I've had experience working in a team in a professional environment on a currently to be released Facebook game and am always looking for ways to improve my work.

I have experience with Photoshop, Maya, X Normal, Z Brush & UDK.



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