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Here you can find all the tutorials I've made for UDK. As I progress through my university work I'll try and upload more and more tutorials. If you have any requests or problems with the tutorials feel free to contact me through my email address.

At the moment i'm very busy with university work so this section of the site may seem a bit empty.

UDK Custom Playable Character and Bots - In this set of tutorials I show you how to export a character model from Maya into UDK, set up sockets, and then into unreal script to make him as a bot and then a playable character. This tutorial assumes you have already rigged your character to the UDK skeleton.

UDK Trigger and Moving Platforms - Using Matinee and a trigger we will start a platform moving that the player can use. The techniques you learn in this video can be applied to many other events, such as opening doors, triggering effects and eventually the camera system.

UDK Cutscene Cinematic - In this tutorial I show you how to use a trigger to trigger a flying camera cutscene in a level.



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